Smart Video Benefits

  • Reach customers effectively through targeted and personalised video campaigns at every step of the customer’s life cycle

  • Improve customer experience and increase brand engagement through a high degree of personalised content

  • Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by informing customers proactively

  • Improve up- and cross-selling rates for complex products that require extensive explanation

  • Save service costs by answering emerging customer questions proactively and therefore reducing and shortening calls to customer care team and increasing awareness for the self-service area
  • Smart Video Characteristics

    Campaign Characteristics


  • For personalised product campaigns
  • Emotional storyboard in an advertising spot look and feel
  • Use Cases: acquisition, activation, up- and cross-selling,
    prevention, retention
  • Tutorial Characteristics


  • For products requiring extensive explanation
  • Structured and clean storyboard
  • Use Cases: explanation of products, bills and manuals
  • References

    Vodafone Germany - Personalised video bill

    The individual explanation of your cellphone bill

    The personal and customised video with individual billing and data details is an innovative service which helps Vodafone customers to gain a better understanding of bills, tariffs and products. The customers receive a link via SMS or e-mail to their video which can be watched on their smartphone, tablet PC or computer.

    The combination of visual information, a spoken text and a personal approach brings much attention, trust and acceptance.

    Vodafone Qatar - Personalised video bill

    Mobile phone customers often have difficulties understanding the elements of their bills. Materna newmedia is providing Vodafone Qatar a special customer service to solve exactly this problem - the personalised video bills. This accompanies Vodafone Qatar’s Red Postpaid plans in which Materna newmedia has successfully implemented the English and Arabic video bill solution for these customers.

    Along with the first bill, Vodafone Qatar customers receive an e-mail or an SMS with a link to their individual video. The link can be accessed from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. In the video, the customer is personally greeted by his/her first name verbally and in text form. All individual bill items are explained step by step. Critical issues such as the pro-rata billing period or any base rate elements which are due in advance are highlighted. Links to more detailed self-service channels or customer queries can also be integrated.

    mobilcom-debitel - smart video campaign

    Personalised contract renewal video campaign for existing mobile customers

    Existing mobilcom-debitel mobile customers who own a smartphone and whose contract is just about to terminate, receive a smart video campaign with a personal smartphone contract renewal offer. Customers receive a personalised SMS with a unique Smart Video link. In the video, each customer is greeted with their first name (voice over and text) and receive a thank-you note for their loyalty. Subsequently, four individual contract renewal offers are being presented: two mobile tariffs and two smartphones, which can be combined with each other. At the end of the video the customer can either decide to buy one of the offers directly or, alternatively, they can request a call-back for further consultation. The buying and call-back mechanism is processed via a separate landing page.

    Smart Video Features



    Personalised spoken and graphical content enhances customer experience in a new dimension and strongly supports the emotional attachment to your brand.


    Video Interactivity

    Customers expect everything to be just one click away. Smart video offers the possibility to navigate to different scenes within the video, to access video-external information or to buy products instantaneously.

    OnDemand Availability

    On-Demand Availability

    Smart videos are generated on-demand when customers press the play button. If required, updating customers’ personalised data, which is included in the video, is possible.



    Our smart video platform can be tailored to customers’ needs. We offer a scalable solution which can accommodate setups for small campaigns for a few thousand customers as well as for regular campaigns without a limit for the number of videos generated.



    Conversion rates from the start of the customer communication up to the very goal of the campaign are measurable. Video viewing rates, cancellations as well as clicks within the video are trackable. This data allows for ongoing analysis and optimisation of the campaign and ensures overall the best possible results.

    Covers all screens and devices

    Covers all screens and devices

    Smart video offers a multi-screen, multi-device experience and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and desktops. The personalised delivery to these devices can be realised through SMS, MMS, e-mail, mobile apps; within online self-service areas or in print via QR codes. We are constantly working on expanding our range of screens and devices.

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